King of the Wind Farms

Do you have a favorite trainer but are unable to bring them to your current boarding facility?


We understand the importance of finding and working with a trainer you connect with. Your insured trainer is welcome here.

Are you looking for daily turnout, fresh water, grassy paddocks and compassionate care?

King of the Wind Farms in Macomb Twp. has all of this and more. 


Our farm is built on 300 beautifully wooded acres. The elevation and soil in our paddocks allows for quick drainage and relatively little mud. 


We think you'll like what you see.

We know your horse will.



Are you looking for not only a boarding facility but a community that is supportive and encouraging?


At King of the Wind we have a very active group of boarders who practice many different disciplines. Despite the difference in riding styles, our community is one in which both horses and humans thrive.

54750 Card Rd. Macomb Twp. MI