54750 Card Rd. Macomb Twp. MI  



King of the Wind Farms


At King of the Wind, we believe that horses are healthier when they spend part of their day doing what comes naturally, spending time outdoors. Hooves, joints, skin and digestive systems all benefit from being outdoors. Psychologically, they are healthier when they can breath fresh air, see the sky above and most importantly spend time with other horses. 

  • Daily turnout on large grassy pastures (except Sundays- boarders can turn out / in on their own if desired)
  • Hay and grain fed several times daily
  • Large matted stalls cleaned daily
  • Fresh bedding daily
  • Fresh water in stalls and paddocks daily
  • Large climate controlled observation rooms 
  • Indoor heated restrooms
  • Large 200 x 80 indoor arena 
  • Large outdoor sand arena
  • 24/7 Security cameras
  • Round pen
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Paved parking
  • Your vet and farrier are welcome
  • Minor wound care
  • Supplement administration
  • Tribute Kalm N Ez feed ($20 additional) or provide your own feed 
  • $500 per month